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The Storm Lake FFA is currently on its 6th year as a chapter.

As a very young chapter we have very little to share for our history, but we hope to keep active and have more to share with you in the future. 

In it's brief history, the Storm Lake FFA has had 3 different advisors. 

2017-2018: Dale Gruis

2018-2019: Lisa Hurd

2019-2021: Ashley Treadwell 

2021- Rich Crow

Past Officer Teams
President- Will Hurd
Vice President:Tanner Snyder
Co-Reporters- Kendall Snyder and Chase Hurd

President- Chase Hurd

Vice President- Sam Peters

Secretary- Gracelin Dahlhauser

Treasurer- Emily Nothwehr

Reporter- Karley Mills

Sentinel- Joe Lagner-Yarosevich

Chaplain- John Heitman


President- Karley Mills

Vice President- Sydney Hurd

Secretary- John Ching

Treasurer- Erika Petersen

Reporter- John Heitman

Sentinel- Logan Merten

Chaplain- Melanie Rosales

Junior Advisor- Emily Nothwehr


President- Kendall Snyder

Vice President- Sam Peters

Secretary- Gracelin Dahlhauser

Treasurer- Dawson Miller

Co-Reporters- Karley Mills and Emily Nothwehr

Sentinel- Chase Hurd

Chaplain- Mason Laven


President- Emily Nothwehr

Vice President- Gracelin Dahlhauser

Secretary- Sydney Hurd

Treasurer- Karley Mills

Reporter- Logan Merten

Sentinel- John Heitman

Chaplain- John Ching


President- Sydney Hurd

Vice President- John Ching

Secretary- Jenna Merten

Treasurer- Carissa Elsden

Reporter- Melanie Rosales

Sentinel- Bennett Smith

Chaplain- Isabelle Langraf

Junior Advisor- John Heitman

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